Consulting for Chiropractic Practices

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A customized program to suit your needs:
one session or ongoing customized consulting.



Customized Chiropractic Consulting™

is a response to the consulting industry’s habit of making D.C.’s sign up for long service contracts that cover a lot of material, much of which doesn’t have relevance for every practice. In my career I worked with three of the most visible consulting firms. Each time I learned, but mostly I sat in rooms listening to information that I did not need to hear, being pushed into buying useless junk that maybe would get new patients in the door. I learned the hard way.

So, I started Customized Chiropractic Consulting™ with this problem in mind. Here, as the name implies, you can get just what you want. We offer "a buffet of solutions", and eliminate the services you are not interested in.

Most chiropractors have the practices they have because of what they have inside of themselves — not because they failed to buy the latest hot new patient DVD.

Get PVA where you want it: High Volume or Relaxed Volume

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