About Fissinger Chiropractic

Because of the depth of my experience —

over thirty-five years in holistic health, with patients from all over the world

— I can offer more in my practice than just book learning.
— Dr. Edwin M. Fissinger

My interest

is the deepest level of healthcare, so I work with the biggest five factors affecting our present and future health and wellness:

  • The way we think — the attitudes we go through life with — including our spiritual lives — although almost every practitioner ignores this aspect of health.
  • Food.
  • Exercise.
  • Energy.
  • Sleep.

I am certified in acupuncture.
I am a trained massage therapist.

My method

The Activator Method (advanced proficiency rated).
In addition, five other chiropractic adjusting techniques:

  • Diversified Technique.
  • Thompson Technique.
  • Cox Technique.
  • SOT.
  • Gonstead Technique.

General & nutritional consulting for difficult health conditions.